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Young Apprentice Experience

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The Young Apprentice Experience

The Young Apprentice Experience is a Fulton County school-sponsored program that gives 5th grade elementary school students the opportunity to learn some fundamentals in Construction Technology outside of the normal school day. All tools, materials, and instruction are included at no cost to you. View the Sign-Up Video to learn more about the Young Apprentice Experience course.

The course emphasis is on basic skills for Tape Measure, Speed Square marking, Screw Drivers, Sanding, and use of a Bench Hook jig. Additionally, emphasis is placed on how to properly read and use a tape measure. Last, but not least, all students will build their very own “Perfect Toolbox” while working with a Buddy to double-check their work, which will assure quality work is guaranteed. The entire course is summarized in five steps below.

Step 1: Register

Register for the Young Apprentice Experience course, create your user ID, and sign the Buddy Agreement all in one easy form. Upon acceptance, you will be sent an email your date and location for the Perfect Toolbox Build Kit pickup

Step 2: Pick Up Your Build Kit

Pick up your Perfect Toolbox Build Kit from the location you choose during registration. The date, address, and time for pickup will be included in your initial Registration Confirmation email. Included in the Build kit are loaner tools and materials, all of which must be returned on the 'Perfect Toolbox Build Kit' return date you chose when you registered.

Step 3: Log On

Log on with the username and password that was created at registration and start the course. Each lesson includes: Introduction, To-Do list, Instructional Video, and a Quiz to qualify the student for advancement to the next lesson.

Note: Picking up your Build Kit is needed to advance to lesson 2, the Materials and Tools Identification lesson.

Step 4: Build the Perfect Toolbox

Watch the instructional videos, complete quizzes, and work with your Buddy to learn skills and build the Perfect Toolbox. It takes 13 virtual lessons in all to learn all the skills and complete your Perfect Toolbox.

Step 5: Return Build Kit

Return your Perfect Toolbox Build Kit so that other students can built their own Perfect Toolbox and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Build Kit return date and location is included in the Registration Confirmation email.