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What You Need To Know


Why does Toolbox do what we do?

Simply put, Toolbox believes kids need more opportunities to develop practical skills by using their hands, whether they end up going to college or not. Regardless, we think there is no better time than during a child’s early years to plant seeds and discover what they might grow into. They could lead to an adult who is more capable of maintaining much of what they will one day own, or one who becomes a craftsman or engineer. Only time will tell. But, at this age, what we do know is that when kids see what their hands can build, it is impacting how happy they are. It is impacting their pride. It is impacting their confidence and self-esteem. If we’re accurate in this assessment, it just might be impacting student stress, or anxiety, or even depression. Maybe. Just maybe. We sure hope so.


What are some of the key details about the Club?

  • Meets for 90-min one day a week after school at the school (2:30-4PM)
  • 20-student max enrollment per school (GR-5)
  • Historical enrollment is 60/40 (boys/girls)
  • 5-9 dedicated adult volunteers present each week
  • FCS Teacher Sponsors will be attached to our club meetings throughout the year
  • COST: Free to students and schools


What will we build?

  • Perfect Toolbox Project
  • Perfect Bluebird House Project


What tools and materials will we be exposed to in the shop?

Tape measures, screwdrivers, awls, hammers, speed squares, corded drills, benchtop drill press, compound power miter saw, bench hooks, dowels, sandpaper, various types of lumber, various fasteners, various types of drill bits (countersink, forstner, brad point), and Toolbox custom jigs.


What type of safety equipment is provided to students?

  • Safety Glasses
  • Ear Muffs (not ear plugs)


What will we learn or develop?

  • The importance of safety as it relates to all tools and actions in the shop
  • The name and proper use for every tool and material in the shop
  • How to properly read a Tape Measure
  • The value of working together as a “BUDDY TEAM”
  • Hand tool fabrication and assembly skills of a craftsman
  • Soft skills: proper handshakes, eye communication, collaboration, critical thinking


Where will we meet?

All schools provide a dedicated room, so that Toolbox can set up its workshop environment. If the room is known at the time of this registration, it will be stated in the registration form to follow herein. If not, it will be announced at a later date, but in advance of the club's first meeting. Tools and materials remain in the shop for the entire school year.


Where can I learn more about Toolbox and the Young Apprentice Construction Club?



How can I speak with someone to have a conversation?

Just send us your question, comment, or request. We will then route it to the most appropriate volunteer, so that they can contact you personally.


*Toolbox, Inc. is a 100% volunteer 501c3 organization. All individuals associated with Toolbox, Inc. are therefore unpaid and receive no monies for the volunteer services rendered. Furthermore, Toolbox, Inc. charges no fee whatsoever for these services; its services are free to Fulton County Schools and all of its students, as are the use of all equipment furnished and all project materials provided.